Cranky wrists, numbness, sparking

Sore wrists? Tingly fingers? Little electrical sparks in wrists, arms, fingers?


If you have cranky wrists, soreness, tingling in your fingers, wrist or arm, you may have Carpal Tunnel Syndrom, (CTS).  There may be a buildup of pressure in the wrist, it can also extend to the elbow or even the shoulder.  Carpal Tunnel used to be a problem typically found in the elderly, worn out wrists.  Today it is showing up in Generation X, the Millennials and more.  Why?  The repetitive motions of the wrist or hand.  Texting, gaming, stretching and gripping, twisting of the wrist can all contribute.

Cranky wrists may be Carpal Tunnel
Cranky wrists?

It’s common for the first symptoms to be a tingly sensation in the fingers.  Maybe it wakes you up at night.  Perhaps you notice it when using your gaming control. Or maybe you feel numbness when driving long distances or gripping something firmly. Massaging or shaking your fingers may help, temporarily.

Ignore the symptoms and it will get worse. You will feel more pain, tingling, numbness, sparking. You might start dropping things.  The good news – there are treatments and preventative measures. The sooner you take action, the less risk of permanent nerve damage or disability.  Early diagnosis is key.

Identifying the problem and treatment…

Not sure if you have Carpal Tunnel?  Here’s a simple self-test you can do.  Holding your arms out in front of you connect the heels of your hands together at the thumbs.  Let the fingers drop toward the ground to create a 90° angle.  Hold the position.  If you start to feel numbness in the hands or wrist the median nerve is being pinched. This is a test positive for Carpal Tunnel.

Often the first treatment will be wrist braces that you can wear at night.  When we sleep, we curl our hands and wrists into odd angles as we snuggle into our favorite fetal curl. While everyone is different,  many find the braces dramatically reduce the symptoms.

Who likes surgery?  If you are like most of us,  you don’t.  If there’s a good way around it, we want more knowledge.

Surgery comes with a high price tag, downtime and rehab time. Results are never guaranteed and there can be side effects. If you are prone to keloid scarring, this can affect your outcome. There are other risks including permanent damage to the nerves in the wrist. But there are alternative choices.


Pain and Inflammation Control

The first step is to reduce the inflammation and associated pain.  Herbs like curcumin, cinnamon, garlic, ginger, cloves, sage, and rosemary are known for their anti-inflammatory properties.  You can take them in supplements.  B-6  and magnesium are often recommended to take in conjunction with these to enhance results.  Your naturopath or chiropractor can assist you with blends and dosage.

Some people find quick relief with a topical cannabis balm or cream.  Users find it helps arthritis, acute pain, and muscle soreness.  The CBD formulation has no psychoactive properties… you won’t get high. Some manufacturers sell small trial sizes which is a good way to find out if it works for you.

Many formulas include traditional botanicals known for their anti-inflammatory properties like arnica. Using a topical for pain control does not address the underlying issues.  For that, you need the Berry Method® of intervention.


Berry Technique

The Berry Techniques of manipulation were developed by a physical therapist over 40 years ago.  Lauren Berry considered himself a body mechanic.  Studying human anatomy and what happened when there was injury, he found ways to relieve the pain, reduce inflammation and restore mobility.  It didn’t take dozens of visits.

Seek out a massage therapist or physical therapist knowledgeable in these techniques. They can break up the scar tissue in the ligaments of the wrist. This relieves the pressure on the median nerve. Many times the pain is gone by the end of the treatment. For other patients, a follow-up may be needed.

Your therapist can also show you how to maintain your pain-free status and prevent re-occurrence.  It’s a simple procedure but the results can feel like magic.  Pain, numbness, tightness…gone. Surgery unnecessary.

Berry Method manipulations can relieve cranky wrists, numbness, sparking
Lynn Performing Joint work

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