Las Vegas Private Training

Want advanced training on your own schedule?   

Lynn Van Norman medical massage specialist
Lynn Van Norman, LMT

Lynn offers advanced private training in Las Vegas.  It can be a private or semi-private class and may last one or several days.   

Lynn has tutored many students in the Berry Method® Techniques.  Some come for a few classes, others continue for years.

She does accept a few Berry Method® Apprentices to work with her.  An apprenticeship typically takes seven years or longer. They study with their Certified Instructor to reach the level of a certified  Berry Method® Therapist status.  Please contact Lynn with your questions: 541-603-8031.

These private mentoring classes are intensive in nature and designed to help you get your patients back to living fast.  These are NOT spa therapies.

If you want to maximize your education class investment… consider private mentoring with Lynn.  

Las Vegas Private Training Classes include:

  • Lymphatic Massage helps clients with mobility, edema, breathing.
  • Shoulder/wrist intensives
  • Knee/ankle intensives
  • Knee/hip intensives
Lynn advanced massage joint work
Lynn Performing Joint worKnee/hip intensives

Private training is $1000/day. Semi-private (2 max) $750/person/day.

Please contact Lynn directly to get a class designed just for you.

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