Testimonials About Lynn Van Norman

Testimonials about Lynn Van Norman
Lynn with colleague

These are only a few of the many testimonials about Lynn for her therapeutic techniques and training classes.

Fixed what doctors couldn’t

April 3, 2017, Ryan H.

“After years of suffering from intense upper back/neck pain that numerous doctors, x-rays, cat scans, and MRI’s couldn’t even diagnose, Lynn gave me symptom relief with just one session! She took time to fully understand my issue and along with the initial visit she gave me at home tips to stay symptom-free and offered follow-up care if I felt like I needed it. Lynn truly cares about making her clients feel their best. “

Debilitated knee

March 13, 2017, Randall Wells

“I went to Lynn for help with a debilitating knee injury that I had been suffering from for 6 months. Treatment by other health practitioners had not alleviated the problem.  With just 2 sessions with Lynn, my knees were noticeably better. After 4 sessions I was able to exercise moderately. And after of 7 sessions, I was able to exercise vigorously without any knee pain. Along the way Lynn also found some nagging shoulder problems, they were not debilitating but aggravating. I am so thankful I have found Lynn, and I would highly recommend her to anyone with structural problems such as what I was experiencing.”

Very skilled…

February 26, 2016, Jason Evans

“Lynn has helped me with pains on multiple occasions. About 15 years ago was the first time. And recently she is helping me again. I have referred her to multiple friends and will continue to do so. She has so much knowledge and is very skilled. Thank you Lynn”

One of the teachers in my life…

August 28, 2014, Karen L Hoffman Sneider

“Lynn Van Norman is one of the teachers in my life that is with me every day I do body work and then some!!!”


August 2, 2014, Mary Stott Kuhl

“Lynn has been my angel and lifesaver for the past ten years. I lived with chronic pain my whole life. I never knew what it was like to be out of pain until I met and was a recipient of Lynn’s work. She is truly amazing and passionate about what she does and the gift the universe has given her!”

On Ceasars Palace stationary:

Hi to the new neighbors, I want to introduce Lynn Van Norman. She has helped me and my pal Rip Taylor when nobody else could. Anyone should be happy to have her work with them.
                           Debbie Reynolds
                                    Molly, Tammy

Consistently Amazed Me…

I and my family had the good fortune to meet Lyn Van Norman about 40 years ago.
She consistently amazed me with her application of the “Berry Method,” learned directly from Lauren Berry.
Over the years, I have referred dozens of people to Lynn, with outstanding results.
Personally, years ago, she came to my rescue. My back was in pain from injuries playing racquetball and too many hours bending over a pool table. Lynn has been able to “push me back into shape,” time and again. Most importantly, she showed me stretching techniques and exercises to maintain my health.
Vince Tedesco

After she took Lynn’s Lymphatic class, Melanie from Eugene shared:

“As a home health professional, I frequently encounter complex lung and lymphedema situations involving dyspnea (difficulty breathing). After learning Lauren’s vacuum technique in Lynn’s informative Lymphedema management class, I applied it to a woman with heart failure and an acute episode of shortness of breath. Within three pumps she was “90%” improved and stunned at its simplicity and effectiveness. She asked me to teach her family to perform it as it gives her such relief which I happily did. I am so glad to have learned this simple non-invasive method that brings so much relief. I also use the Decongestion massage regularly and highly recommend… this great class. Thanks, Lynn!” 

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